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    Real-time Monitor

    Data usage is monitored in real time. Since connection to carrier is not required, the values are always up to date.

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    In all countries, on all carriers... Data Counter works for you! Only CDMA plans are not supported yet, but we are working on it.

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    All kind of Plans

    Whether your plan is daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly this app is what you are looking for.

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    Hot Spot WIFI

    If your carrier includes tethering traffic in cellular data plan, turn on the option and the app will monitor this traffic too.

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    Easy to Configure

    Just set the plan type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Bi-monthly), the amount of data you can generate and... that's all!

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    Threshold Notifications

    Enabling background feature an alert will appear when your traffic thresholds are approaching.

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    WIFI Speed Meter

    Monitor your WIFI speed in real time while other apps are downloading stuff.

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    Usage History

    Data Counter automatically logs your data usage every time the app is launched. Then you can see the History Log every time you need. (iPhone only)

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    iPhone and iPad

    One purchase to use Data Counter both on your iPhone and on your iPad. It's a universal app.